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Reading Outreach Program

Our goal is to effectively reach out to the community to encourage reading. We hope to provide the youth with resources and activities that will help them become successful readers, broaden their imaginations, and develop their creativity.

Reading in a Bookstore

High School Reading Enhancement Program

This program will support students in learning important skills that will help them become successful readers. Our goal is to help these students become more fluent and proficient readers to better prepare them for life after high school.

Love's Children

This program supports our youth in building character that will help them to embrace their value and the value of others. Our virtual meetings include character-building lessons and making encouraging gifts that we will give away to inspire others in our communities.


Let's Make A Change

Transform a Child's Life Right Now



Contact us today and find out how you can help young adults through monetary donations, new and gently worn clothes and more!


Your donations take care of funds needed to create programs dedicated to helping youth develop skills and build positive self-image.


Clothed By Love provides a safe space for youth to feel empowered to worry less about what they may not have and more about their future!

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